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My name is Claire (though, you can call me Clara!), and I'm a hobbyist artist who likes villains (waaaay too much) and enjoys drawing fanart (mostly from Rayman and Croc). :)

I've been a big fan of the Rayman series since I'm 11, and I've discovered Croc way after Argonaut went bankrupt, but I still love the series! ♥

Thank you for passing by! =D

You can also find me on
Tumblr art blog:
Twitter art blog:

I'm accepting art commissions!
More infos here:…

I'm taken by a precious little star (:iconharuka-tavares:) who makes my wishes come true :heart:

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Man, should update with a proper dA journal someday...

Buuuut not today. '|D

Quickly posting here since I got tagged by the lovely raygirl ! Here we go!

  • You must post all the rules.
  • Answer 10 questions that you have been asked then create 10 more questions for the others that you have tagged to answer.
  • Choose 10 people.
  • Legitimately tag these people.

  • What was the last movie you saw and what did you think of it?

"Mme Mills, une voisine si parfaite", aka "Ms. Mills, such a perfect neighbourg", it's a french comedy movie about a thief/scammer who pretends to be an old woman in order to steal a rare and expensive artifact from his neighbourg... It was super cute and lovely, but of course most of all, very fun to watch! I don't know if they will show it outside of France, but if they do, you can give it a look! :D

  • What was the first fandom you got seriously into?

The Mario fandom! I was a biiig fan of Waluigi back then, godness-

  • Miffy the Rabbit or Hello Kitty?

What a tough choice, both are cute! I guess I'll got for Hello Kitty because cat.

  • Favourite flower?

I actually have two favourite flowers, mostly due to childhood memories!
Daffodils and poppies!

  • If you could bring back one extinct animal species from anywhere in time what would you choose?

Now that's a tough one... I really can't say, maybe some amphibians?

  • Have you ever owned a Lava Lamp?

Sadly no, but I always love to stare at those in shops! I think it's for the best I don't own one, I would loose most of my focus, aha!

Name one movie you really enjoy that everyone hates.

Why naming a movie when you can name a movie genre?
Disaster movies! And by disaster, I mean natural disasters! My favourite one being "Knowing", "Armageddon" coming at a close second. Most of people dislike these movies due to their inacuracy or due to how bad the scenarios are (which, I agree, are very american-cliché), but damn, the special effects always get me, I love it!

  • Octopus or Jellyfish?

Octopus by far, I'm affraid of jellyfishes... I'm sorry!

  • What is your least favourite sound?

You know that kind of sound that make your teeth clenched? A screen of a ruler against a black board? Metal scrubbed against a table cover? ...I hate this so much, gives me chills and makes me unconfortable everytime-
Oh, and snorring sounds. Definitly... And loud eating noises (when people don't close their mouth when munching)... Yeah there's a lot of sounds that bother me, oops-

  • Do you have pierced ears and if so what earings are you wearing right now?

My ears were pierced when I was a kid... I wore some very discreet earings, but at a point I got fed up of them and stopped wearing earings- would only pierce them again to wear geeky earings, honestly!

Not tagging, do it if you want? Not really inspired for the question either, so I'll leave you guys with the original questions above that I've just replied to ♥

I'll try to keep in touch with you guys later, but for now, take care! ;D
Teddy Trade [COMMISSION - Buildersith]
Hello! This time I'm uploading other commission work for Buildersith !

This time he asked me for a bust of both of his WoW characters, Ezzie and Giddeon, holding a teddy-bear/plushie version of each other!
Awww, aren't they adorable? At least, that's what Gideon must be thinking about, with such a huge grin!

Ezzie and Gideon (c) Buildersith 
WoW universe and character design (c) Blizzard Entertainement


Commissions are open! More infos here:…

You can also find my work on:
Tumblr -…
Twitter -

Going to continue (and try to finish in time!) the Croc drawing for the 20th anniversary! Which is today. OTL

Feel free to join in!



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I was wondering, since you're well known with Argonaut games (with your clear love for the Croc series making it clear) and you like platformers, i'd like to ask:
are you familiar with the last game ever made by Argonaut, known as Malice?
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KingOfWarlocks Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
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